Digital Designer & Artist


I was hired to create an updated mobile webpage to update the curated look for Tappan Collective. I pulled images that mirrored Tappan’s simplistic and minimal branding. 

The simple monochrome branding i.e.: website, and digital presence lends the artwork to speak for itself and stand out to the viewer. 

The artwork I selected renders cubism, modernism, combined with muted warm & cool colours. I also included imagery that portrays bold & clean lines with subliminal, soft textures. 

I wanted to play off the mood board and give you a full encapsulation / representation of how the visuals and brand aesthetic evolves. 

The website is a visual gallery of each featured art piece. In order to fully engage the user it should be presented in a minimal and very organized manner. 

The mobile landing page I designed was keeping in mind an experience with minimal viable product that will not overwhelm the consumer. In addition to keeping the experience with a core set of features that are insightfully crafted. 

The large hero image with the featured artist entices the consumer to scroll further and shop the piece that is featured below. 

The body images are all the same square dimension and legible for mobile viewing.