Digital Designer & Artist



There is something about going through the motions of getting a paycheck and acknowledging the fact that this is what society has planned for us. But actually taking the leap to seek our passion and fire that inspires us to expand the mind takes on a whole new personal endeavor. The kind of passion that ignites your soul.

I have always believed that art was the most vivid expression of myself – and my most meaningful interpretation of the world and its beauty. I feel that you can always take an authentic glimpse into someone’s soul from the artistic magic they create and exude.

A lot of people ask why I do what I do. I decided to pursue my passion of creating digital graphics & art because it is the most effective way to channel my creativity - but also to dig deeper than that. The philosophy of graphics challenges you to expand the mind and connect thought, emotion and symbology into every seeping hole of your artwork. It means projecting visual triggers through design that can relay a specific message into the world.

There is always an opportunity to present the world with a unique concept that subconsciously or consciously inspires, and sparks an emotional connection.

My latest body of work; the Siren Series is inspired by land & sea. It is an extension of my original concept of ASTRAE, and giving back to our planet. Each piece is hand-carved and block printed onto recycled organic paper and a portion of the purchases will be donated to the Surf Rider Foundation.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do creating each piece xx