Digital Designer & Artist



When creating a new collection of art for me it comes in waves. It can happen in a momentary lapse  -  or spark of inspiration from just simply gazing out at a place through an abstract or filtered light. My newly released Indigo collection was significantly inspired by a recent month I spent in in Mammoth. More specifically I remember trudging out to the hot springs in my bathing suit and Sorel boots with the sun setting and small rays beaming through the Sierras refracting a light blue indigo washed tone onto the white snow. At that moment - I think I even said out loud I had to recreate these colors in paint form, something tangible. 

Another distinct moment of inspiration for this collection was one morning at dusk I was sitting on my board with the sun barely rising in the horizon. The sky was beginning to light up hues of orange and pink - and the ocean was a patchy mysterious dark blue tone in places the sun hadn't begun to hit. It's deep hues and piercing blues were rising and rolling over my legs and surrounding me. The mental image of those indigos really resonated with me and subjectively appeared through my watercolor paintings as stripes and smooth luminous blue washes.



devin slatas