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Lately I have been so incredibly inspired by my traveling escapades. I feel like I am in a phase where my creative wheels are spinning and all the blocks are open. This winter in California has finally been smacked with El Nino which means the mountains are drowning in snow. I have never seen snow like this in my entire life, and it has been pure magic. Mammoth has quickly become one of my favorite places in the world since I moved to California - and is one of those single destinations that when you enter the vast expansive peaks you somehow forget about everything. You are completely surrounded by tall evergreen pines, crisp fresh air, and massive snow capped mountain ranges. The freeing feeling of being immersed in this exquisite place has me lost in dreamy minimalist lines and renditions of pure power in form of watercolour illustration. The release of this series is now live on my website and ready to be purchased! Check it out here. xx Devin 

devin slatas