Digital Designer & Artist



I have always felt as if the desert was the most vast and expansive place to fuel an artist’s creative fire.  It is a break from the typical hustle and has the ability to release mental and creative blocks that create breakthroughs and promote clarity. Something about the raw essence and desertion that causes a human to think. Simply being alone with your thoughts and limited distraction causes one to delve into deeper & more thought provoking ideas. Sometimes it is the wide open space that creates the most pure and natural flowing concepts that inspire. There is also something so infectious and captivating about the lone joshuas, deep purples / pinks of the sunset, and jagged rock formations. The landscape becomes totally captivating and it is in that moment where the connection between reality and freedom of your environment becomes so real is it liberating. You are immersed in the essence of your most pure and eccentric self surrendering to the world and it's subliminal standards. You are in your most natural form & full expression just soaking in what this vast land has to offer. To me that is the greatest gift - presence in wide open spaces. 

devin slatas